Cool science videos (round two!)

Black Hole Artist's Impression Astronaut Falling Into Tidal Forces Firewall Hawking Weekly Show Stephen

Hey, all! To splice things up a bit and deal with the awfulness of finals (damn you, Galois theory!), I’m throwing together another video post for this week! These are the people who inspire me to share the wonders of science, and I want to give them as much credit as I can. Enjoy these videos, then go check out the creators’ full channels. Beyond!


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Cool science videos

Stars Space Outer Beautiful Pictures Secrets Colorful Large Magellanic Cloud Star Forming Stellar Nursery Weekly Show Beautiful

Every blogger has his inspiration, and mine has in part come from the amazing science channels on YouTube. To escape the old “wall of text with pictures” habit, here is a sampling of fun videos. Check out each channel for more science awesomeness.

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Here, have some free music and butterflies

It’s been too long since my last video, so here are two new covers for you all. I waited to record these until my new camera arrived, and the difference is amazing. The sound and video quality blow the iPhone out of the water. These are in full HD with prime lighting and acoustics. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel—I have a bunch of upcoming stuff I can’t wait to share with you! Feel free to download the songs from my SoundCloud page as well. It’s free!

Music Cover Interpretation Piano Song EDM House Classical Journey Ratchet7764 AMS TheRealAMS Avicii Weekly Show Butterflies

Thanks for listening! Here, have a pretty butterfly. (Image courtesy of

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Full Song)

This is EDM superstar Avicii’s hit Fade Into Darkness. It is actually the first electronic/dance song I arranged for the piano, though not the first I’ve uploaded (that distinction goes to Last Chance by Kaskade & Project 46 from last time). Putting it together was a blast. I think this song is relatively easy to transcribe for the piano compared to more exotic electronic music—just wait until you hear the Deadmau5 songs I’m working on! Let me know what you think!

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