Want to achieve your goals? Science says stop talking

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We all have goals. Some of us want to be more outgoing. Some of us want to raise our Pikachu to level 100. If we want to achieve these goals, however, it might be best to keep them to ourselves.

According to a recent study, sharing our aspirations makes us less likely to attain them. The findings, featured in a TEDTalk by entrepreneur and musician Derek Sivers, reveal one of the fascinating ways in which the mind works. Researchers tested 163 subjects across four trials, instructing each to write down a personal goal. Half the participants announced their objective, while the rest kept silent. The subjects were then given forty-five minutes to work toward their goal, after which they described how close they felt to achieving it. The results? Those who had shared their aspirations worked for thirty minutes on average, while those who had not spoken worked for almost the full amount of time. Moreover, participants who had shared their goals reported feeling significantly more accomplished and closer to success than their counterparts, who told the researchers there remained much work to be done.

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Can cloning bring extinct species back to life?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see a dinosaur in the wild? According to the minds behind TEDxDeExtinction, this may happen sooner than we think. The conference, hosted by National Geographic, will feature researchers hoping to erase the boundaries between science and science fiction. These scientists believe that in ten years cloning technology will be ready to bring extinct species back to life.

Wolly Mammoth Clone

According to some scientists, this could soon be a reality.

This is not the first time geneticists have explored the possibility of resurrecting lost species. In fact, in 2009 scientists managed to clone an extinct Pyrenean ibex after the last living individual was killed by a falling tree. The animal, born to a surrogate mother goat, died after seven minutes. Even so, the cloning of the Pyrenean ibex serves as proof that given the right circumstances, extinct species can be brought back to life.

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