A Weekly hiatus

Hi, all,

First of all, you are amazing. I still can’t believe so many people have taken to the blog and stuck with it through its growth and transitions. I cannot thank you enough.

The site just reached one hundred posts. This marks not only a milestone of content but one of time and commitment as well. Two years ago if someone had told me I would write a blog post every Wednesday for the next hundred weeks I would have said that person was crazy. Funny how things play out.

Thanks for reading!

A Weekly hiatus.

I have become increasingly busy this summer as I take on new responsibilities and explore the business world. As some of you know, I have also been dedicating more time to my YouTube channel and plan to expand it during the coming months. This is not to say I have lost my interest in science; I want rather to reallocate my time. For these reasons I am putting the word “Weekly” on hiatus. I will still post to the blog frequently, but the Wednesday schedule will take a break for the meantime.

If you need your science fix, feel free to explore the hundred-plus posts and articles on the site. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel for your music fix.

Stay classy,



Important changes at The Weekly Show

Hi, everyone.

Some important changes are taking place on the site. This blog has been rather eclectic, and a need of greater focus has become apparent. With much consideration, I am pleased to announce that from this point forward The Weekly Show will be primarily a science blog. I will continue to report on cool studies and developments and will spend more time explaining phenomena and addressing common misconceptions. Each Wednesday you can expect a new post about science.

Thanks for reading!

For science!

While I am cutting back on the blog’s other topics, this does not mean the death of humor, video games, and the other categories. I will continue to post the comedy and entertainment pieces you know and love but will do so at a lower frequency. These pieces will be in addition to the regular science posts.

Lastly, I am making this blog more interactive. The reason I run The Weekly Show is to share the amazing world of science with all of you. I want to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. If you’re unsure about anything just ask! That’s what I’m here for.

And thanks, of course, to all of you for reading! Keep an eye out for more updates in the near future. I hope you’re as excited for this new chapter in The Weekly Show as I am. Get ready for a whole lot of fun.


No post today

Dear Weekly Show fans,

There will unfortunately be no post today due to circumstances outside my control. If you need to get your weekly fix, please browse the site to find content you’ve never read before (the archives are brimming with posts and pages)! Also, please note that next week’s post will be uploaded on Monday. Until then, keep being awesome!


New web address and more!

Hey, everyone!

To complete The Weekly Show’s redesign, I have officially changed the blog’s web address to TheRealWeeklyShow.Wordpress.com! (Apparently there are a lot of fake Weekly Show’s out there…!). You no longer have to remember the word ratchet and all those numbers when you want to visit the site! The old URL is now closed—going there will either result in a blank blog or 404.

If you subscribe via RSS, be sure to update the website in your reader. Otherwise you will not receive notifications of new posts.

I have spent the last twenty-four hours updating all the links and media on the site, but if you notice something I missed, please let me know! Just leave a comment or send a note to The Weekly Show’s email address.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for “Can Cloning Bring Extinct Species Back to Life?” tomorrow, and enjoy the new site!

Shadow Rainbow Photo

The Real Weekly Show


Welcome to The New Weekly Show!

Dear awesome Weekly Show fans!

After months of gathering your feedback and brainstorming ways to improve the blog, I have completely redesigned the site! Please tell me what you think! There are loads of new features, pages, and menus to make it easier to navigate the site and find content you like. This is still a work-in-progress, so any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

Welcome to The New Weekly Show! Leave your impressions below!

Be sure to check out the alternative Dynamic Homepage with the post slider—you guys will choose the one I end up using! Also, don’t forget to like and follow The Weekly Show’s new Facebook and Twitter pages! You can find them in the new menus and sidebar.

Stay tuned for “12 Secrets to Increase Blog Traffic” this Wednesday and other exciting content in the weeks to come! As always, thanks for reading!


(P.S. Major kudos to anyone who can find the “I’m Feeling Adventurous” button and figure out what it does! Using Ctrl+F or Cmd+F is cheating 🙂 !)


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