Cool science videos (round two!)

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Hey, all! To splice things up a bit and deal with the awfulness of finals (damn you, Galois theory!), I’m throwing together another video post for this week! These are the people who inspire me to share the wonders of science, and I want to give them as much credit as I can. Enjoy these videos, then go check out the creators’ full channels. Beyond!


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Is it okay to question science?

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In the early nineteenth century, phrenology was the talk of every town. The up and coming discipline examined the shape and contours of the skull to deduce a person’s psychological traits. By simply running his fingers across a skull, an expert could uncover amazing details about the person’s life, including spirituality and submissiveness. Except phrenology was nonsense, a pseudoscience used by many to justify American slavery.

Of course, many were critical of phrenology’s claims. Skeptics pointed to the questionable methodologies and lack of scientific guidelines. Others simply did not believe its outlandish claims. History would prove these skeptics correct, dismissing the faux discipline and shoving its findings off the table.

PHrenology Django Racist Slavery Bullshit Fake Faux False not True Brain Skull Head Weekly Show Skepticism

If nothing else, phrenology serves of an example of the scientific community’s fallibility.

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How Google lets you see into people’s minds

Part 2 in a series. Click here for Part I: Why Google is the (hilariously) perfect social experiment

A few weeks ago I posted about how Google suggestions provide valuable (and hilarious) insight into the public mind. All the embarrassing questions we are too afraid to ask end up on the internet, allowing programmers to read much of society’s thoughts. What do people want to know? What are they afraid of? Do Pokemon or black people exist? Google’s search suggestions offer some fascinating results. Here are five more of the most amusing and revealing patterns.

5. TV and video games seem real

Most kids eventually learn reality is far less imaginative than cartoons and video games. Even so, some of us need a quick Google search to erase our doubts. Does any one else secretly wish they could have a Pokemon?

One can only hope

Funny Google Suggestion Social Experiment Hilarious Crazy Weekly Show Black People Exist Questions Crazy Funny Stupid

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The 5 worst anti-science companies and offenders

POM Pomegranate Juice Cancer Healthy Lies Lawsuit Sue Cures Prevents Prostate Weekly Show

One of the hardest parts about being a science writer is combating the misconceptions floating around the internet. Whether simple misunderstandings or deliberate twisting of facts, these ideas spread like wildfire, embedding themselves deep in people’s minds. To make matters worse, companies, media personalities, and demagogues contribute to the blaze, either spreading faulty information or deliberately lying to their audiences. Instead of picking apart their claims one by one, I’ve decided to list some of the worst offenders and their most outrageous claims. Without further ado, here is Part I of the most egregious anti-science companies and individuals. Enjoy and please share!

5. POM

Hold on, you say. What is my favorite juice company doing at number five? Allow me to explain. Pomegranate juice is chock-full of beneficial minerals and antioxidants, which is a major selling-point. That was not good enough, however, for the marketing team at POM. In order to sell more bottles, POM claimed its juice fights against prostate cancer. They are now embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with the FDA, which is working to prevent liars like these from undermining the food market.

POM Pomegranate Juice Cancer Healthy Lies Lawsuit Sue Cures Prevents Prostate Weekly Show

Pomegranate juice: better than an IV and only half the calories.

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The 10 most annoying people in your Facebook feed Part II

Even if you’ve never taken a stroll through Facebook, you’re probably aware that some of its users can be ridiculously annoying. From friends and coworkers who insist on relaying every tidbit of their daily adventures to crazy hot girls who turn out to be spammers, this social network can be a trying place. Below are the ten most annoying people in your Facebook feed—every Facebook user will encounter at least one of these people in their career, guaranteed. Leave your favorite (or least favorite) users in the comments section below! Enjoy and please share! Click here for numbers 10-6 and here for the most annoying people on Twitter!

5. The creepy person who won’t stop sending you friend requests

Annoying People Avoid Worst Facebook Creep Weird Gross Stalker Weekly Show Ratchet

Annoying People Avoid Worst Facebook Creep Weird Gross Stalker Weekly Show Ratchet

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