Blindsight: the mysterious condition that allows blind people to see

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Want to see something crazy? Check out this video of a blind man attempting an obstacle course.

Now, before you go to the comments to tell me what a terrible person I am, know that the blind man signed up for this. He opted into the test to demonstrate…wait a minute. Unbelievable. He aced it. Even though this man is cortically blind—literally cannot see a thing—he navigates the perilous hallway with perfection. What is going on?

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Are we all just faces in a crowd?

This has been on my mind for quite some time. In fact, I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while now. I cannot understand how anyone could like me.

Allow me to explain. I am not talking about any sort of depression (don’t worry, Mom!). What I am describing is quite different. Though on one level it makes perfect sense, I find it odd that other people can feel toward me as they do toward any other human being.

If you think really hard about what it feels like to exist, you will probably say that you feel like some sort of thing peering out from a body. While you encounter dozens, possibly hundreds of human beings every day, your understanding of them is fundamentally different from your understanding of yourself. Your friends, family, and acquaintances all behave in similar ways to you, but they cannot feel what you feel. Though you can understand and relate to one another, they will never know what it is like to be you.

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Come clean, now: are you a zombie?

Answer this question, and answer it truthfully: are you a zombie? Not the kind of zombie you see on The Walking Dead or shoot in Call of Duty. No, the zombies I’m talking about are far less conspicuous. They may live and breathe among us, indistinguishable from normal people. In fact, you may be surrounded by zombies right now.

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For centuries philosophers have wrestled with the mutant and zombie possibilities. When not boring high school juniors, they have tried to figure out if we share the same conscious experience, perceive the world in the same way. Have you ever wondered if other people see colors the same way you do? These hypotheses occupy a similar vein of thought.

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