Bunnies: little Hitlers in disguise?

Bunny Cute Baby Picture Rolling Back Weekly Show Evil

One year ago I published my initial study on the coming bunny apocalypse. The culmination of years of work, it proved these balls of fluff are out to get us.  Furthermore, my research correctly predicted the coming Human-Bunny Clash of 2014. These creatures want blood—and that’s just the beginning.

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Everything in science is wrong

In 1900, mathematician and physicist Lord William Thomson Kelvin proclaimed, “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” Kelvin was wrong, of course. In fact, he could not have been more incorrect—the next few decades alone saw the discovery of general relativity, other galaxies, radioactivity, and quantum mechanics, to name a few fields.

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The scale of the universe

Of all the secrets and mysteries of science, I find myself most fascinated by the universe. It’s birth and evolution,  its future and unexplored depths–these stories keep me coming back for more. Perhaps the most exciting part is that there is so much we do not know. We sit on our lonely planet, pondering how everything came to be and where it is going. If one phrase can describe the history of cosmology, it is the proverbial “the more we learn the less we know.”

Rosette Nebula Nursery Picture Star Formation Colors Scale of Universe Weekly Show

The Rosette nebula, a stellar nursery approximately 5,000 light years away. How can we possibly understand scales that leave everything we know incomprehensibly large or small?

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How Google lets you see into people’s minds

Part 2 in a series. Click here for Part I: Why Google is the (hilariously) perfect social experiment

A few weeks ago I posted about how Google suggestions provide valuable (and hilarious) insight into the public mind. All the embarrassing questions we are too afraid to ask end up on the internet, allowing programmers to read much of society’s thoughts. What do people want to know? What are they afraid of? Do Pokemon or black people exist? Google’s search suggestions offer some fascinating results. Here are five more of the most amusing and revealing patterns.

5. TV and video games seem real

Most kids eventually learn reality is far less imaginative than cartoons and video games. Even so, some of us need a quick Google search to erase our doubts. Does any one else secretly wish they could have a Pokemon?

One can only hope

Funny Google Suggestion Social Experiment Hilarious Crazy Weekly Show Black People Exist Questions Crazy Funny Stupid

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Blindsight: the mysterious condition that allows blind people to see

Weekly Show Brain Blindsight Consciousness Brain Blindsight Questions Philosphy

Want to see something crazy? Check out this video of a blind man attempting an obstacle course.

Now, before you go to the comments to tell me what a terrible person I am, know that the blind man signed up for this. He opted into the test to demonstrate…wait a minute. Unbelievable. He aced it. Even though this man is cortically blind—literally cannot see a thing—he navigates the perilous hallway with perfection. What is going on?

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