Spring break food photo roundup

Hey all!

What’s Spring Break for? Making all sorts of delicious food, of course! Here’s the photo roundup so far. Maybe I’ll post more photos and recipes. Let me know which ones you want to make. As always, be sure to smash that like button and share with your friends!

Curried quinoa with roasted purple cauliflower

Roasted, curried cauliflower Curried quinoa with roasted purple cauliflower

Salted chocolate chunk cookies

Salted chocolate chunk cookies Salted chocolate chunk cookies

Vegetarian stir fry with homemade peanut sauce

Stir fryStir fry

Vegetarian eggs Benedict with chevre and avocado

Vegetarian eggs benedict

Look good? Want recipes? More pictures? Let me know what you think! As always, be sure to smash that like button and share if you like the post!


Comment question of the week

What’s your favorite holiday or vacation recipe/food? I’m a big fan of the curried quinoa.

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Cool science videos

Stars Space Outer Beautiful Pictures Secrets Colorful Large Magellanic Cloud Star Forming Stellar Nursery Weekly Show Beautiful

Every blogger has his inspiration, and mine has in part come from the amazing science channels on YouTube. To escape the old “wall of text with pictures” habit, here is a sampling of fun videos. Check out each channel for more science awesomeness.


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Could we be The Last of Us?

Clicker The Last of Us Fungus Infected Playstation Game Year Joel Ellie Real Life Science Weekly Show

Last year, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us took the gaming world by storm. It tells a story of a man and a child journeying through a post-apocalyptic America, fighting off infected humans and scavengers along the way. The holocaust stems from a strange fungus that has caught humanity off guard. It infects the brain, slowly taking control of the host until it becomes a zombie, solely focused on spreading new spores until it dies. If you haven’t played The Last of Us, stop reading this blog and play it now. If you have, here’s a question: could The Last of Us happen in real life?

Clicker The Last of Us Fungus Infected Playstation Game Year Joel Ellie Real Life Science Weekly Show

Could this be to us?

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Confessions of a nerd Part III

Everybody, there’s something I need to get off my chest: I am a nerd. Yes, I am an avid Boston sports fan. Yes, I spend too much time at the gym. But deep inside I am as weird as everyone else. I say everyone because I have a hunch that I am not alone: behind our mainstream interest and normal-person façades, we all have our oddities—our guilty pleasures, if you will. Below are even more of my nerdy secrets most people do not know about. I hope that this post can inspire others to share their guilty pleasures as well because let’s be honest: being a nerd is a lot more fun than being normal! Click here for part one and part two!

Dog Glasses Cute Nerd Cool Book Confessions Animal Weekly Show Ratchet

“Sometimes all these equations make me sleepy.”

I can’t stop watching Pokémon

I’ve already confessed about how much I love Pokémon (I’m currently making my way through Pokémon White), but this brings it to a whole new level. Nintendo recently released a free iPhone and Android app called Pokémon TV. The app streams the episodes from every season of the Pokémon anime for free—and I’m hooked. I can’t believe I’d forgotten how awesome this show is. Whether battling gym leaders or exploring each region, Ash and friends have drawn me back into this amazing (yet shockingly twisted) world. As of now I’m halfway through season six. Thank goodness there are fifteen-plus seasons! Can anyone else recite Team Rocket’s motto by heart?

Pokemon Confessions Nerd TV Games Show Anime Ash Pikachu Weekly Show Ratchet

My childhood, organized into a single app.

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The 10 most annoying people in your Facebook feed Part II

Even if you’ve never taken a stroll through Facebook, you’re probably aware that some of its users can be ridiculously annoying. From friends and coworkers who insist on relaying every tidbit of their daily adventures to crazy hot girls who turn out to be spammers, this social network can be a trying place. Below are the ten most annoying people in your Facebook feed—every Facebook user will encounter at least one of these people in their career, guaranteed. Leave your favorite (or least favorite) users in the comments section below! Enjoy and please share! Click here for numbers 10-6 and here for the most annoying people on Twitter!

5. The creepy person who won’t stop sending you friend requests

Annoying People Avoid Worst Facebook Creep Weird Gross Stalker Weekly Show Ratchet

Annoying People Avoid Worst Facebook Creep Weird Gross Stalker Weekly Show Ratchet

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