A Weekly hiatus

Hi, all,

First of all, you are amazing. I still can’t believe so many people have taken to the blog and stuck with it through its growth and transitions. I cannot thank you enough.

The site just reached one hundred posts. This marks not only a milestone of content but one of time and commitment as well. Two years ago if someone had told me I would write a blog post every Wednesday for the next hundred weeks I would have said that person was crazy. Funny how things play out.

Thanks for reading!

A Weekly hiatus.

I have become increasingly busy this summer as I take on new responsibilities and explore the business world. As some of you know, I have also been dedicating more time to my YouTube channel and plan to expand it during the coming months. This is not to say I have lost my interest in science; I want rather to reallocate my time. For these reasons I am putting the word “Weekly” on hiatus. I will still post to the blog frequently, but the Wednesday schedule will take a break for the meantime.

If you need your science fix, feel free to explore the hundred-plus posts and articles on the site. Be sure to check out the YouTube channel for your music fix.

Stay classy,



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