Cool science videos (round two!)

Hey, all! To splice things up a bit and deal with the awfulness of finals (damn you, Galois theory!), I’m throwing together another video post for this week! These are the people who inspire me to share the wonders of science, and I want to give them as much credit as I can. Enjoy these videos, then go check out the creators’ full channels. Beyond!



and, of course…Vsauce!

So there you have it! Go subscribe to all these fantastic channels–you won’t be disappointed. Be sure to check out my previous selection of cool science YouTube channels as well. If you want to hear about Pokemon, food, science, and…(actually, those are my only interests)…check me out on Twitter! Be sure to subscribe for more content every Wednesday. It’s FREE!

Comment question of the week

What are your favorite YouTube channels (everything, not just science!)?

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