Cool science videos

Every blogger has his inspiration, and mine has in part come from the amazing science channels on YouTube. To escape the old “wall of text with pictures” habit, here is a sampling of fun videos. Check out each channel for more science awesomeness.




Cool stuff, eh? Be sure to visit each channel to see their other videos. Comment below which one is your favorite. As always, check me out on Twitter and Facebool, where I talk about science and food and Pokemon. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday. IT’S FREE!

Comment question of the week

Which channel/video is your favorite?

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2 thoughts on “Cool science videos

  1. vsauce rocks! Minutephysics is awesome. Science in your houses and on your screens is the stuff of dreams made real by … erm, science. If only such wealth of information had been available 1000 years ago… where would we be now?

    • Agreed, myathiestlife! Vsauce and MinutePhysics are awesome. My favorite Vsauce video is probably Cruel Bombs–very cool stuff. It’s crazy to think of where society would be if science have developed earlier. Family Guy has a pretty good take on it–I think Quagmire walks around with a pill to take every time he catches AIDS… Thanks for the comment!

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