Here, have some free music and butterflies

It’s been too long since my last video, so here are two new covers for you all. I waited to record these until my new camera arrived, and the difference is amazing. The sound and video quality blow the iPhone out of the water. These are in full HD with prime lighting and acoustics. Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel—I have a bunch of upcoming stuff I can’t wait to share with you! Feel free to download the songs from my SoundCloud page as well. It’s free!

Music Cover Interpretation Piano Song EDM House Classical Journey Ratchet7764 AMS TheRealAMS Avicii Weekly Show Butterflies

Thanks for listening! Here, have a pretty butterfly. (Image courtesy of

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Full Song)

This is EDM superstar Avicii’s hit Fade Into Darkness. It is actually the first electronic/dance song I arranged for the piano, though not the first I’ve uploaded (that distinction goes to Last Chance by Kaskade & Project 46 from last time). Putting it together was a blast. I think this song is relatively easy to transcribe for the piano compared to more exotic electronic music—just wait until you hear the Deadmau5 songs I’m working on! Let me know what you think!

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Extended Intro) (AMS Remix)

So here’s my take on the song. This started out as just a fancy way to build into it but grew into something big enough to call my own remix! I don’t know if DJing is in my future, but it’s definitely fun to toy around with quality music. Does this top the original? Is it terrible? Sound off your thoughts about this version.


As promised, you can download the songs (or much of my other work) from my SoundCloud page. It’s free!

So what do you think? Do you like the covers? Is my take better than the original? I hope so! Share your thoughts in the comments section below. As always, please like, share, or reblog this post if you enjoy it. That small click really helps me out! Be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday! IT’S FREE!

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Comment question of the week

What do you think of my remix versus the original? What songs would you like me to do next? Butterflies!?


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