Showcase SuperLux: a movie theater for the one percent

Have forty dollars and need to spend it? Do I have the place for you. Welcome to the new Showcase Cinema SuperLux or, as the official website describes it, a theater that “blends advanced movie entertainment, food and drink, technology, design, and service to deliver an unparalleled experience.” Here you can find the luxury elements your movie outings have been missing. But is it worth your hard-earned money?

Showcase SuperLux Movie Theater Theatre Fancy Luxury Street Chestnut Hill Weekly Show Review

Welcome to luxury.

The first thing you notice when you enter Showcase SuperLux is the décor. The cinema is built to impress, and impress it does. The lobby dazzles like a five-star hotel complete with a gold-painted bar and chandelier. Employees wear concierge-like suits and appear eager to serve you at one of the many tables surrounding the bar. Through a glass doorway sits Davio’s Cucina, the theater’s upscale Italian restaurant, where chefs prepare gourmet meals for patrons. The entrance and lobby try to replicate the great movie palaces of the 1920s, but they fall awkwardly short. The atmosphere feels excessive, almost as if Showcase is trying too hard. To be fair I may be biased toward grungy cinemas, but the ambiance seemed somehow fake.

Davio's Cucina Street Showcase Superlux Fancy Luxury Movie Theater Theatre Cinema Review Weekly Show Chestnut Hill

The lobby features a massive chandelier, gold-painted bar, and access to the theater’s upscale Italian restaurant.

The true luxury does not start, however, until you enter the theater. Showcase SuperLux offers two seating options, LuxLite and SuperLux. The former includes a plush reclining chair with food and beverage service before the start of the film and runs you twenty dollars. The latter, dubbed the theater’s “most premium seating,” offers an even comfier chair with a footrest, full waiter service throughout the film, and a server “call button,” all of which costs twenty-eight dollars. Laid back with a meal from Davio’s Cuccina, you can bask in movie luxury at its finest.

Showcase SuperLux puts on a fine show, but this decadence is also the theater’s biggest flaw. The luxurious seating and fancy meals create a degree of separation between you and the film. This is amplified by the waiters walking the aisles throughout—nothing shatters immersion quite like the guy next to you whispering how he wants his steak. Your own interactions do not fare much better—waiters have to lean over to hear, which blocks the screen and pulls your attention away from the picture. All told, the luxury accommodations detract from the film, fracturing the movie experience.

Showcase SuperLux LuxLite Theater Theatre Fancy Luxury Movie Cinema Street Chestnut Hill Weekly Show Review

While over the top, Showcase SuperLux let’s customers watch movies in style.

Two other aspects worth mentioning are the prices and age admittance policy. Seating is not cheap, but using the waiter service can run your bill up quite a lot. My friend and I spent six dollars for cookies and milk (that, contrary to advertising, were not warm) and thirteen dollars for a veggie burger. Exploring the drink options adds even more. For a family of four, one can easily spend upwards of one hundred and fifty dollars. And, speaking of age, the theater might not even let your kids through the door. Summer policy allows moviegoers of all ages into LuxLite before 6:00pm, but for night showings children under fourteen must be accompanied by an adult. SuperLux is even stricter: kids under fourteen need accompaniment before 6:00pm, after which patrons must be twenty-one or older.

The verdict

Showcase SuperLux is not built for moviegoers. Rather, it caters to those who are willing to give a movie the backseat to two hours of luxury treatment. While it can certainly be described as an “experience,” you will have more fun with a nice meal followed by a trip to a traditional theater (this will also be softer on your budget). If you are curious about Showcase SuperLux, give it a try, but I will not be there to join you.

So what do you think? Have you been to a Showcase SuperLux? What do you think of luxury movie theaters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. To learn more about Showcase SuperLux, please visit its website at As always, please like, share, or reblog this post if you enjoy it. That small click really helps me out. Be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday! IT’S FREE!

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