12 secrets to increase your blog traffic

If you have a blog, chances are you’re looking to increase your traffic. With millions of other blogs on the web, it can be difficult to make your site stand out. In light of The Weekly Show’s new design, I’ve decided to share some little-known tricks for increasing traffic to your blog. These are guaranteed to increase your viewership and encourage readers to revisit your site. If you have other tips, leave them in the comments section below! Happy blogging!

12. Link to other sites and blogs

Let’s start with a basic but useful tip: link your blog to other websites. Not only will this increase your SEO ratings, it will also help your reputation. Citing well known or authoritative sources gives your site an aura of legitimacy and connectedness that isolated blogs don’t have. Linking to another website will notify its moderators, who are often happy to return the favor. Do this enough and other blogs will begin to mention you in their articles. Let’s not forget, of course, that having cool links for readers to explore is just plain fun and makes your posts more exciting!

Connecting to other sites will build pathways between your blog and the rest of the web.

Connecting to other sites will build pathways between your blog and the rest of the web.

11. Use high quality media

Every post should have some sort of media in it—pictures are great, videos are even better. Spending the time to find quality clips and images will keep readers on your site for longer amounts of time and generate more excitement about your posts. Visitors will often remember a great picture or video days after they have forgotten the finer points of an article. Quality is key here: try to find the highest resolution, most eye-catching images on the web. If you guys only knew how much time I have spent trying to find the right Pikachu pictures for all my Pokémon posts…

Sometimes a picture or video can be the highlight of a post. If you only knew how much time I spent finding this shot of Pikachu...

A picture or video can be the highlight of a post. The time it took to find this shot of Pikachu was well spent.

10. Push boundaries

People like high quality, interesting content, but you know what really catches readers’ attention? Controversy. Writing about provocative topics will guarantee responses and an opportunity to engage with readers. Avoid becoming run of the mill by thinking outside the box—push convention and your own abilities to their limits. Sometimes you’ll fail, but more often you’ll strike gold. If you choose to write about hot-button issues, be sure to offend as few people as possible. You want to ignite people’s interest, not anger them into leaving your blog.

“God damn you! Look what you’ve done to me!”

Use controversy to your advantage. Try to elicit strong responses from readers (though perhaps not this strong)…

9. Post regularly

This tip isn’t really a secret, but I’m going to include it anyway. One of the keys to building a fan base is supplying a steady stream of content. The more often you post, the more frequently people will visit your site and have your blog on their mind. I’d recommend posting at least two times a week if not more. Unfortunately, as you probably know, this is a lot harder than it sounds. In fact, I find this tip the hardest to keep up with. Keep in mind that not every post has to be a full-length article—it’s good to mix things up with some pictures or shorter pieces every once in a while. Good luck with this one!

Each time you update your blog, you give readers a new reason to come back to your site.

Each time you update your blog you give readers a new reason to come back to your site.

8. Always fact check and verify your sources

Let’s be frank: there’s a whole lot of crap on the internet, and it can be difficult to discern what’s true from what’s bogus. While it’s important that visitors like your site, it’s even more essential that they trust it. This means fact checking your content and verifying your sources, especially if you are writing about something controversial. Nothing is worse for your credibility than a bunch of angry commenters proving you don’t know what you’re talking about. One big misstep can tarnish your reputation for good, so make sure you disseminate accurate information. Once readers identify you as a valuable source of information, they will consider you a rarity and come back to your site.

Some masterpieces are timeless.

Fact checking: so you don’t end up like this guy.


7.  Metrics! Metrics! Metrics! (But no stupid metrics.)

Have a hunch that one category of posts is doing better than the rest but not sure how to validate it? Meet metrics, your new best friend! Metrics will tell you what works and what doesn’t, who your top referrers are, and all sorts of other useful information. The numbers will show how to optimize your current strategy with a few easy tweaks. Google Analytics offers some of the best free metrics software around, and WordPress features some pretty useful functions as well (unfortunately, WordPress.com sites are currently not compatible with Google Analytics). If you aren’t a fan of Google’s offerings, you can check out some of the many alternatives on the web. One last thing: focus only on metrics that count! While things such as WordPress “Likes” look great and make you feel special (please like this post!), they actually don’t provide any useful insight for making your site better. Work instead on things such as minimizing your bounce rate, increasing social shares, and engagement—these are what will improve your blog.

Follow these numbers as closely as possible. They will tell you exactly how to optimize your site.

Follow these numbers as closely as possible. They will tell you exactly how to optimize your site.

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6 thoughts on “12 secrets to increase your blog traffic

  1. Thanks for sharing! Will be using some of these since I’m a bit of a newbie! Off to check out metrics, though it might have to wait until I’ve found more things to say, which will also help with the regular updates. Perfect! Thank you!

      • Thank you!

        I didn’t know many at all, and I especially hadn’t thought about the quality of the images but I’ve now noticed myself paying more attention to pictures others are using too so will have to keep that in mind!

      • All of them! Some I am still in the process of implementing, like photos. I am a visual learner so I really enjoy pictures…I am less fluid with all things electronic, and I am between webmasters…so it will take me a minute, but your blog is one I refer to. I appreciate you!

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