Four weird things you did as a kid

Click here for Part II! Childhood. That blissful time when you could do whatever you wanted without scrutiny. You could run and play to your heart’s content free from the burden of responsibility. But do you know how strange some of your childhood pastimes were? Your parents smiled at behavior that would make other people scratch their heads in bewilderment. Here is a list of four weird things you did as a kid. Feel free to leave others in the comments section below.

Eat Play-Doh

Play-Doh. It’s every child’s favorite toy—and snack. This delicious clay satisfied hunger pangs at any time of the day. Early morning playtime? Maybe some blue dough will do the trick. Ten minutes to naptime? Why not make a dinosaur then sample your creation? Play-Doh serves kids’ budding artistic talent and desire to put everything in their mouths. The best part about the toy? It was originally sold as a wallpaper cleaner—that is, of course, until kids discovered its great taste.

“Could we get some more pink clay today? I’m going to need it for dessert.”

Insist your food be in shapes

Remember how much better food tasted if it looked cool? Eggs and bacon just weren’t the same if they couldn’t smile back at you. Dinosaur-shaped chicken fingers were unquestionably tastier than their nugget-like counterparts, and fish sticks were hardly worth touching if they weren’t shaped like fish. All cuteness aside, this is a bit sadistic. Isn’t shaping meat into a cartoon version of the animal just rubbing it in the poor animals face?  And why did stabbing a friendly person in the face make breakfast more enjoyable? This is creepy…

Putting this grinning bastard in his place every morning was just another perk of getting ready for school.

Have imaginary friends

Who needed real friends when you had your imagination? Imaginary friends would always be nice and could appear and disappear when convenient. You never had to argue about what to play because your imaginary friend liked all the same things you did. These companions were perfect in every way—except that they were not real. As children we spent hours a day talking to ourselves, unaware that we were alone. While any adult doing this would be immediately labeled crazy, people thought that our imaginations were cute. Can you imagine how creepy it must have been for your parents to wake up at night and hear you talking to somebody in your room?

Psychologists estimate that since 1998 approximately 95 percent of imaginary friends have been Pikachus.

Want to meet a dinosaur

Almost every child dreams of befriending a dinosaur and riding it around town for all to see. The dinosaur would be a best friend, a companion for all sorts of exotic excursions. Unlike a boring imaginary friend, a dinosaur would make every day an adventure.  It’s probably safe to say that most kids do not think this one through. These bloodthirsty monsters would terrorize cities, smashing buildings and tearing people apart left and right. Instead of letting kids sit on top of it, a T-Rex would probably just eat them. Still, on the other hand, having a pet dinosaur would be pretty awesome…

Teaching kids to embrace danger was just part of this show’s brainwashing agenda.

So what do you think of these strange pastimes? Did you do any of these as a kid? Let me know in the comments section below! As always, please like, share, or reblog this post if you enjoy it. Be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday! Now go read Part II!

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