10 people to avoid at the gym Part II

Here it is, back by popular demand! (Click here for numbers 10-6!). Though most people at the gym are friendly and respectful, you probably don’t need me to tell you that some members can act as obstacles to your workout. Whether these people are directly affecting you or causing commotion across the room, they all possess a unique ability to hinder your routine. Please add people I’ve missed in the comments section below! Without further ado, here are five more people to avoid at the gym.

The Narcissist

Ever noticed that guy sitting at the dumbbell rack staring passionately into the mirror? Congratulations, you’ve encountered the narcissist! Unlike normal people who journey to the gym to workout, the narcissist prefers to admire his own reflection. Usually found near the lightest end of the weight rack, this member likes to lift a few tens or fifteens then flex his muscles for all to see. The narcissist occasionally breaks a sweat but always makes sure to compensate for this waste of energy by revering his biceps for another ten minutes. He is generally harmless, but never walk between him and his reflection—this is called “getting in the way,” and you’ll never hear the last of it.

Narcissist Gym Annoying

“Aw man, I am so sexy. Just look at how those veins in my arm are bulging. I wonder what I would look like if this were a ten-pound weight instead?”

The Juicer

Of all the people on this list, this one is without a doubt the most conspicuous. Often mistaken for a massive hunk of meat, this patron is so hopped up on HGH and beaver tranquillizer that he rarely lifts more than a few minutes. He tends to strut around the gym with an inflated air of accomplishment, smiling at the people actually working hard to build muscle. Though the juicer has never spent more than thirty minutes in the weight room, he insists that his body is the result of dedication and perseverance. The best advice here is to stay out of his pathbehind his bloated body lies a sea of rage waiting to burst free.

Juicer Steroids Gym

“Whew, that six minute workout was tough even for someone as strong and as beautiful as I am! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go apply my flax seed oil.”

The Ultra-Competitive Guy

We’ve all been there: you’re on the treadmill when you feel somebody looking over your shoulder. You glance to the side and find the guy next to you staring at your display. As you increase your speed, he ups his pace to match you. You ratchet up the difficulty again, this time only to hear his footsteps quicken. No matter how hard you’re going, the ultra-competitive guy just has to outdo you. Time to do some pull-ups? No problem! He’ll hop up beside you! Want to curl those twenties? Look! He’s picking up the twenty-fives! At least someone’s giving you individual attention…?

Competitive Person Gym Treadmill

“No! That bitch is pulling away! Must…Push…Harder!”

The Walking Stereo

You’re on the mat minding your own business and—all of a sudden you hear a series of clashes. Unless the building is collapsing, you’ve encountered the walking stereo! This member walks around blasting music through her headphones loud enough for everyone to hear. Typically a fan of heavy metal or obscenity-overflowing rap, she insists that everyone share in her terrible musical taste. The noise can affect you from a distance as well, seeping past your earbuds as your try to rock out to Taylor Swift. Oh, and don’t bother to ask her to turn it down. She won’t be able to hear a thing you’re saying.

Annoying Person Loud Music Gym

“I love being the center of attention! Justin Bieber is the best for working out!”

The Bachelor

Though he easily blends into a crowd of gym members, the bachelor makes himself overwhelmingly apparent whenever an attractive girl passes by. He jumps into action, grunting through a rep thirty pounds heavier than he should actually be lifting. He then proceeds to flex his muscles and tell her about how great he is. After she has convinced him to get lost, the bachelor returns to his post, scanning the room for other women. Does he ever workout? No. That said, his face is usually sore by the time he leaves.

Bachelor Gym Hits On Girls

“Hey, did you see me benching over there? I usually do like fifty pounds more, but I like to give the bod a rest every now and then, you know?”

So how did I do? Please leave your thoughts or people I’ve missed in the comments section below! As always, please like, share, or reblog this post if you enjoy it. Be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook as well. Special thanks to Conor Henrie for suggesting the Bachelor as someone to include on this list. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday! Now go check out numbers 10-6!

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8 thoughts on “10 people to avoid at the gym Part II

    • Wow, I don’t see combinations too often! I’ve been plagued by a bunch of texters and juicers lately. I guess there’s no better place to text than on the bench! Thanks for reading!

  1. Haha you’re right, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I don’t know if you have them at your gym but I happen to get a kick out of the guys who travel in packs. And one of them is clearly the more fit leader and they all bow down to him and do exactly as he tells them. They make lots of noise and compare veins…its a great time. Nice work 😉

  2. I always see narcissists in the gym — and usually they are male (I wonder why). Once I had a narcissist friend who came home from the gym and said that he was shocked that nobody told him he was wearing his shorts inside-out. He said in disbelief, “No-one looked at me at the gym?!”

  3. There are two good ones at my gym: the crazy make-up lady (I’ve seen her applying MORE blush to the mask she’s already wearing … before starting her workout), and the sweaty stepmill girl (who weighs about 6 lbs, yet spends no less than an hour on the stepmill, IN LONG SLEEVES, and when she’s finally done, you could wring out the carpet and wipe down the machines on either side of her. It’s beyond gross).

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