The power of sound

Sound. It envelopes us. We use it as a tool to communicate with one another and evaluate our surroundings. Sometimes a sound can trigger our emotions. We hear; we laugh. We listen; we cry. Sound holds a mysterious power over us, one we barely understand.

You very likely have a favorite song, a score you use to escape the outside world. You close your eyes, put on your headphones, and empty your mind of all thoughts. You exhale, and for a moment, nothing exists except you and the sound.

Then it happens.

Something deep inside you flickers on. It glows, dimly at first and then more brightly. It begins to spread through your consciousness, stimulating every nerve in your body. As the music amplifies, the rush accelerates, surging through your veins near the speed of light. All of a sudden it surrounds you. You feel yourself swept up by a current of raw energy, a rush of emotion barreling up from the darkest depths of your being. You want to laugh, cry, shout, run, all at the same time. Chills stream through your body as you transcend to another state of time and place, soaring through an oblivion of light and sound. Then, as quickly as it came, it recedes. The tide lowers, carrying you back down to reality. As you return to your body you see the glow withdraw into the darkness, fading into the nothingness from which it came. You lie still. The song is over, and the world exists once more.

A few days ago I asked my friend if he had heard the song Strobe by Deadmau5 (if you haven’t, then stop reading this post right now and click on the video above). When he replied that he had listened to it only once, I somewhat jokingly told him to play it at night when he was tired in bed so he could feel its true power. I say jokingly, of course, because this is silly. Music cannot possess power—sound is just a vibration of matter. It cannot possibly inspire objects to transcend the material world. This is a basic rule of physics.

But here’s the catch: we will never fully understand this objectivity. We are condemned to see the world through the warped lens of the human experience. Advanced as our species may become, we will never be able to observe things as they truly are.

And that’s the beauty of it. We will continue to live as human beings, immersed in subjectivity, standing in awe of the power of sound.

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