10 people to avoid at the gym Part I

If you belong to a gym or health club, you probably don’t need me to tell you that other members can act as obstacles to your workout. Though most people are friendly and respectful, a select few can make even the most patient of us cross our arms and roll our eyes. This is a list of five types of people who have caught my attention over the past few weeks. Feel free to add people I’ve missed in the comments section below. Click here to see numbers 5-1!

The Texter

Though he easily blends into a crowd of gym frequenters, the texter becomes apparent shortly after climbing onto a treadmill or sitting at a weight machine. Instead of moving efficiently to accommodate those waiting for him to finish, the texter will calmly take out his iPhone and text. He will continue to do so until everybody else’s workout has been delayed enough to make them run late for the rest of the day.

Gym, Texter, Phone, Annoying, Avoid, Workout, Treadmill, Weekly, Show

“I like it when we make eye contact. I also enjoy staring at your chest.”

The Looker

You’re mid arm curl, and all of a sudden you break out in a cold sweat–if you’re not having a stroke, you’ve probably just encountered the looker. Unlike normal people who keep focused on their exercise, the looker prefers to stare at you. Every time you glance up, the looker will be there, gazing into your eyes. Hiding is futile; each time you switch equipment or go to the water fountain you will catch his eye. Why does he do this? You probably don’t want to know.

Creeper, Creepy, Guy, Person, Gym, Health, Club, Weird, Avoid, Weekly, Show

“I like it when we make eye contact. I also enjoy staring at your chest.”

The Kindergartner

We’ve all been there: it’s rush hour at the gym, and someone’s using the equipment you need. You kindly ask this person if you can work in with her, and then….you receive an angry glare. Congratulations, you’ve just met the kindergartner! While other people learned to share when they were five, the kindergartner doesn’t quite understand the concept. Not only will this wonderful person not share with you, she will claim multiple weights at a time. Think those dumbbells are free? Nope, the kindergartner will pop up from the bench press across the room to inform you that she is using them. She will then lie back down and continue her set.

Kindergartner, Gym, Immature, Won't, Share, Annoying, Kid, Child, Weekly, Show

“No, it’s my pull-up bar! Mine, mine, mine!!!”

The Must-Stand-in-the-Way…er?

This is a rarer but just as glowing gym member. Particularly common in areas of high traffic, the must-stand-in-the-way-er will choose the most inconvenient spot to lift weights. Want to use the weights on that rack over there? Don’t worry, the must-stand-in-the-way-er will do his reps right up against the stand. Even better, if you’ve finished your set and desperately need to put your weights down, this person will stand in front of where the weights belong so you can feel that burn just a little bit longer!

Annoying, In, The Way, Gym, Weights, Lifting, Weekly, Show

“Oh, you say people walk through this area? I’ll just stand here and lift this weight for eight minutes!”

The Stinker

Of the people on this list, this is the one you may never actually see. Even so, you will know when he arrives. In a crowded room full of sweaty people, the stinker stands out by his refusal to wear deodorant. Suddenly find yourself gagging on the treadmill? Chances are the stinker has passed by. Your best bet to avoid this one is to follow your nose. Oh, and one piece of advice? Don’t stand downwind of one.

Deodorant, Stinker, Bad, Smell, Gross, Gym, Sweaty, Workout, Weekly, Show

“Why does the only attractive girl in this gym not wear any deodorant? Why, why?”

So how did I do? Are there any people I forgot? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!  As always, please like, share, or reblog this post if you enjoy it. Be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook as well. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe for new content every Wednesday! Now go check out numbers 5-1!

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Comment question of the week

Are there any people like these at your gym?


4 thoughts on “10 people to avoid at the gym Part I

      • Oh! Definitely!! There’s a looker at my gym and he’ll look at your reflection in the mirror too- he’s very creepy and he’s somewhat of a lurker as well.. he doesn’t even exercise! I think he comes to hit on the women who come to the gym to dress up! & I almost always run into a kindergartner on a busy day who doesn’t want to get off a treadmill or bike that they have been barely walking on at the minimum speed and no incline for two hours. Oh and there are always some stinkers as well! And you’re right they’re usually women! Seriously, do they have no personal hygiene? Have deodorant prices gone up that much? LOL! & IF they have how are these “stinkers” still affording a gym membership?!

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